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Soddin' Flodden

Flodden Field 1513: among the ten thousand dead, lay Scotland’s king & the floweer of her chivalry.
Did Scotland ever recover, or was this the beginning of a 500 year-old inferiority complex?
With words, music and nonsense, IDEOMS will attempt to end Scotland’s 500-year-old inferiority Complex …provided nobody objects!
Soddin' Flodden is a romp through a key phase in the Scottish historical identity. It recounts the life of King James IV and charts the events that led up to the calamitous defeat at Flodden. This is a history lesson of sorts, but written and devised by John Nichol, you can expect a characteristically alternative and daft approach. Nichol tells the story, speaking and singing in a mix of Scots and contemporary colloquialisms while switching hats (literally) to play a cast of ten key characters, supported by Jenni Borthwick, Carly Blain and Hilary Bell on fiddle, guitar and backing vocals. There are plenty of laughs and a good selection of sing-a-long songs, as well as a wide assortment of headgear and weaponry. Never a dull moment from start to finish. Engaging, interesting, amusing.

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If you know your Burns, you will love this. If you don’t know your Burns, you will love this. If you're curious about Burns, you will love this. Of you have stumbled on this show by chance or fate, you will love this. Fed, watered and entertained, what more could you ask? Professional acting, crafted music and singing, a joy.
It is an annual event (if I manage to get tickets in time!) which we look forward to with great happiness and anticipation - knowing that we will never be disappointed, and that the familiar Burns songs and tales will be beautifully delivered with great artistry, sincerity and accomplishment. The variety of songs is always interesting, demonstrating the wide diversity which is often overlooked in the traditional Burns nights.

Mardy Walker

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With some wonderfully wacky visual re-imaginings and jokes thrown in, it's a surprisingly fresh and quirky little gem that doesn't take itself too seriously - all the actors are having a ball and want us to feel good too.

Three Weeks
The IDEOMS approach is well considered. For an hour, the audience is regaled with the bard's poetry and songs. The content is 100% the songs and poetry of the Bard himself. Nothing in the delivery strikes a false note.

Ann Dyce